Office of Register

The various registrations carried out by the Office of the Registrar and Sub-Registrar are as follows:

  1. Sale Deed
  2. Lease Deed
  3. Mortgage Deed
  4. Firm
  5. Power of Attorney
  6. Agreement Deed
  7. Will Deed
  8. Adoption Deed

Process of Registration:

A written application has to be submitted to the SDM (Sub-Registrar) with arequest for registration along with the deed to be registered and supporting documents and NOC’s. At Gyalshing Subdivision,SDM(Gyalshing) looks after the registration of Sale Deed, Lease Deed, Power Of Attorney, Agreement Deed, Will Deed and Adoption Deed; and SDM(HQ) for Mortgage and Firm Deed. At Soreng Subdivision,SDM(Soreng) is responsible for all the registrations.

Sale Deed Registration –

Documents to be enclosed –

  1. Sale Deed
  2. Spot Verification report
  3. COI of Buyer
  4. Affidavit of Seller
  5. Parcha of Land
  6. Dhan Rasid/Khazana Receipt of Land

Lease Deed –

Documents to be enclosed for general lease deed-

  1. Lease Deed
  2. Consent letter of the Industries Department
  3. NOC from the Pollution Control Board
  4. Enlistment of the company with the Law Department under the Companies Act of the State
  5. Spot Verification report
  6. Memorandum of Association
  7. List of Board of Directors where 50% and above should be SSC holders.
  8. Antecedent of the lessee
  9. Intention Report of the Company should include the criteria set for opportunities for
    employment of locals
  10. Should not violate Revenue Order 1- If so, conditions and reasons thereof.

Mortgage Deed –

Documents to be enclosed –

  1. Two copies of original mortgage deed (with Rs.10/- stamp affixed on each deed)
  2. A letter from bank/financial institution for registering the mortgage
  3. Original Parcha/ Lease Deed from UD/HD
  4. Non-encumbrance Certificate

Firm –

Documents to be enclosed –

  1. Copy of trade license duly attested
  2. Sikkim subject Certificate OR Copy of COI (certificate of identification) OR Voter List Card
  3. Judicial Stamp of Rs.10/-(affixed on registration certificate)
  4. NOC from Bazaar Officer, UD/HD
  5. NoC from Deputy Commissioner, IT&CT
  6. NoC from DIC
  7. NOC from House Owner(in case of Rental)

Adoption Deed

Documents to be enclosed –

  1. Copy of Certificate of Identification (Applicant)
  2. 2 copies of Original Adoption deed
  3. Birth certificate of Child
  4. COI/SSC/Identity Proof of real parents of child

Power Of Attorney Deed

Documents to be enclosed –

  1. 2 set of Power of Attorney deed

Will Deed –

Documents to be enclosed –

    • Will deed in a sealed envelope

Agreement Deed –

Documents to be enclosed –

  1. 2 sets of Agreement deed