Health Care, Human Services & Family Welfare Department has been making constant and concerted efforts to formulate & implement schemes (State & Central) to ensure adequate health care services to the people of the State in line with policy directives of the State Govt. issued from time to time and also in line with National Health Policy. Under this endeavor attention is also being paid to take special care of the needs of the people of the BPL families & tribal areas.


To foster a healthy society through provision of quality health care services for all its citizens from womb to tomb and to reach quality health care services up to remotest village of the State.

Under health sector programme main objectives are:

  • To ensure adequate, qualitative, preventive & curative health care to people of the State.
  • To provide affordable quality health care to the people of the State, not only through the allopathic systems of medicine but also through the ISM including Amji System of Medicine.
  • To ensure greater access to primary health care by bringing medical institutions as close to the people as possible or through Mobile Medical health units particularly in the underserved & difficult areas of the State.
  • To improve hospital services at the primary, secondary & tertiary levels in terms of infrastructure, drugs provision & equitable posting of Medical, Para-Medical & Nursing Personnels.
  • To impart training to Doctors, Nurses & other Para-Medical staff to upgrade their skills & knowledge by exposing them to workshops, seminars, re-orientation training programmes, and also sponsoring doctors for higher medical education outside the State.
  • To guarantee to the people of the State free treatment (including free medicines) for major Communicable & Non-Communicable diseases.
  • To vigorously implement various National programmes & State Plan programmes in the health sector in the State.