Election West

Under section 13AA of Representation of People Act 1950, the Election Commission India appoints District Election Officer in consultation with the State Government in each district in a state. He shall coordinate and supervise all work in the district or in the area within his jurisdiction in connection with the preparation and revision of the electoral rolls for all parliamentary, assembly and council constituencies within the district. District Election Officer, West district is supported by the Election Cell headed by Under Secretary along with other staff. The administrative machinery includes ERO, AERO, SO and BLO.

The election cell is headed by the District Collector as the Electoral Registration Officer in the district with the Additional District Collector and the SDMs as the Assistant Electoral Registration Officers. The supporting staff include the U.S. -Election, Head Assistant and Lower Division Clerk. In addition, Booth Level Officers are also appointed as and when necessary to facilitate in the process of Summary Revision.

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